oAuth Access Tokens


The free oAuth Access Tokens App Pack adds another layer of security for the existing oAuth App Pack. It keeps your client id and client secret separate from the rest of your workspaces, while still allowing other apps and flows to retrieve the generated access tokens.


Since client ids and client secrets are very sensitive data, which should be kept secret, exposing them inside flows or workspaces can compromise your API account. Using the username/password for oAuth also means you need to expose those inside your flows.

So instead of risking such sensitive data, oAuth Access Tokens places a barrier between your important credentials and the rest of your Podio workspaces and GlobiFlow automations.

How To Install

Visit the App Market and click on Get Pack. It's best to install the app pack in a new workspace.

Once installed, Refresh your GlobiFlow and the automation flows that work this app pack will automatically be installed.

How To Use

First install the oAuth App Pack from the App Market. Click here for instructions.

Next, create a new Update flow with the following filters:

For this flow's actions, add the following:

This flow will either create a new API Service in your oAuth Access Tokens app or update an existing one. From there, you can have your apps and flows refer to access tokens in this workspace instead without exposing your client id and client secret.


Example - Searches for an existing API Service and does a simple Remote GET to retrieve information from API Endpoint.
Retry - Attempts to do a simple Remote GET to retrieve information from Podio's API.


Unfortunately we do not support any flows outside of this app pack, which are listed above. It's best to refer to the API's documentation to understand how to use the generated access tokens with their API service.

If you wish to have us install this app pack for you or modify the flows that go with it, please Create a Work Order and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.