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Need to troubleshoot, build your Podio apps or create automation with GlobiFlow?

Let an expert empower you and your business.


3 Easy steps will help your business harness the power of Podio and GlobiFlow


Create a Work Order

Log in using your Podio account to create a new work order to either create or update flows and apps.


Receive Estimate

We'll quickly give you an estimate for the work ahead so you'll know exactly how much and how long it will take to complete.


Sit back and Watch

With so much experience, you're in good hands. Simply sit back and let us handle the complex stuff.

Why Choose 373Digital?

You'll be working directly with Nick Simonsen

Nick has been providing support for GlobiFlow customers since GlobiFlow first started. Having dealt with thousands of support tickets, he knows how to utilize GlobiFlow and Podio to their full potential. If you have ever created a support ticket in GlobiFlow in the past, you most likely have had Nick troubleshoot your flows. His expertise on how to troubleshoot or create efficient flows can enhance your Podio and GlobiFlow experience.

Who's better suited to help your business than someone who's worked at GlobiFlow themselves?

Here's what we can offer your business

These are just a few things we offer here at 373Digital

Custom CRM

Let us build the CRM system of your dreams. Fully automated with integrations to services like Twilio or Zillow

Creative Solutions

Sometimes it takes more than just thinking outside the box. Some solutions require methods that are unorthodox.


We know all the pitfalls and errors. We see what others don't, and know how to fix the problems that others don't.

Custom Scripts

If you need to integrate a service not available with GloibFlow or Podio, we can build you a custom script for it.

App and flow efficiency

Building apps and flows can sometimes get very overwhelming. We make sure that we provide you the best approach.


Directly communicate on a platform you're already familiar with, Podio itself. Work Orders and Support tickets are shared with you.


Get the expertise of an actual GlobiFlow Expert.



$10 / Month


$50 / Month

  • Troubleshoot Flows
  • App Market Support
  • Fixes Are Done For You
  • 25% Off Of Work Orders

$500 / Month

  • Troubleshoot Flows
  • App Market Support
  • Fixes Are Done For You
  • Priority Support
  • Includes 10 Hrs Per Month
    For Work Orders
  • 40% off for Additional
    Work Orders



$100 / Hr

  • Create or modify flows
  • Build Podio Apps
  • Free consulting
  • Support for 373Digital created flows
Custom Scripting

$150 / Hr

  • Custom Remote Post Scripts
  • Custom 3rd party Integrations for Podio
  • Free Consulting


In the event where we discover that we cannot proceed any further with the work order due to unforseen issues, we will refund the FULL amount of the work order, or the PORTION of the work that cannot be finished.

For support, you can cancel any time and recieve a prorated refund.

Support plans will provide you fast, reliable support for your GlobiFlow automation. If we spot the problem within your flows and if we can fix it in under an hour, we'll fix it for you. No more waiting around or attempting to understand complexity of the issues you have with your flows.

Included in the Premium Support, 10 Hours will be allocated EACH month to build flows for you.

Work Orders are more for creating or updating flows to further enhance your Podio apps and GlobiFlow automation.

Yes. The flows and apps will be built right on your account. We will need access to your workspaces as well be an additional user on your GlobiFlow account.

You can, but we can only provide support for what we have done in the work order. So if a flow or app that we created is modified by someone else other than 373Digital, we may require additional hours to troubleshoot.

Unfortunately we cannot sign a contract for a work order.

We will provide support on any flows/apps that we have created. But we will assess if further additional hours are required.

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